ABC approved Zoom RBS training
6:30 PM - 8:30 PM Pacific
Event Description

This live, instructor-led Zoom course will feature the new RBS training curriculum. These two classes break up the original 4-hour course into two 2-hour evening classes. The first segment will be held 7/20 from 630pm-830pm and the second segment will be held 7/21 from 630pm-830pm. Both segments need to be attended to get course credit and access to the mandatory state test.

All alcohol servers and managers (over 1,000,000 statewide) must complete the entire certification process by August 31st, 2022 or face penalty. The process includes registering with ABC, completing the new course from a state-accredited training provider (such as this course), and passing the new online ABC certifying exam within 30 days of taking the course. Certification is valid for three years. 

All employees, supervisors, and managers now attend the same course. Under the new law, anyone who does any of the following (even just occasionally) must be certified: takes alcohol orders, pours alcohol, serves/delivers alcohol, and/or checks ID for entry or alcohol service (bouncers/security). Additionally, anyone who supervises, manages, trains, or is directly involved in the hiring of those mentioned above must also be certified. 

This course covers all the new mandated course topics while focusing on the everyday issues employees, supervisors and managers face, including the identification of fake IDs and the fraudulent use of real IDs by minors, strategies for preventing guests from becoming overly intoxicated, and how/when to refuse service. 

This live instructor-led Zoom course is broken into two 2-hour segments; 7/20 from 630pm-830pm and 7/21 from 630pm-730pm. This course is taught by a local wine lover and law enforcement veteran. 

Video is required by ABC for all Zoom RBS course attendees.

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